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    Oil & Gas Translation Services

    Our involvement in many diverse and pioneering world energy extraction projects, has taken our translation skills and linguistic research to a new domain. We are proud to have worked for leading company of this sector namely Petrolex Oil & Gas Limited, delivering high-impact translations and managing to meet any special requirements. We are well aware that creation and localisation of terminology is at times required for languages whereby the new technologies have surpassed the language. It was one of our recent successful projects, a two-day translation (100 pages) from Mandarin into English  on Geology and Subsoil reports on the presence of gas in shale rocks in the Oil & Gas Region of Ogun State, Nigeria.The role of natural gas from traditional and non-traditional sources such as the criteria of lithological composition – continuous clay strata of the formation, homogenous composition of promising formations and presence of schistosity – requires not only a high calibre of language skills but also technical knowledge. Qualified to carry out translations emerging from a diverse range of energy resources, we match the standards of the energy industry by listening to your specific needs.

    Technical Oil And Gas Translation Experts:

    In order to meet your business objectives we work with specialist translators who combine technical and financial knowledge, as well as professionals who have the official norms and standard knowledge of scientific matters. Our translators are native speakers of your target language, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience as per the latest translation certification standard. As a reliable partner for many multinational oil and gas businesses, in the areas of exploration, production, health and safety, refining, environmental reporting, distribution, marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading, we are committed to deliver accurate translations covering all the range from offshore oil and gas exploration to onshore processing facilities, tenders and contracts, helping you to increase your potential revenue.

    Renewable Energies Translations:

    Following the needs arising from the race to build a credible and sustainable energy footprint, we support companies in promoting the benefits of solar and wind power, bio-fuels, wave, tidal and hydro-power energy resources. Our work involves translating product specifications, manuals, legal documents and production material in the direction of meeting energy demands affordably, sustainably and securely.

    We offer a variety of language combinations including:

    • Oil & Gas translation services Spanish to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Spanish
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to German
    • Oil & Gas translation services German to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to French
    • Oil & Gas translation services French to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Italian
    • Oil & Gas  translation services Italian to English
    • Oil & Gas  translation services English to Russian
    • Oil & Gas translation services Russian to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Arabic
    • Oil & Gas translation services Arabic to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Chinese
    • Oil & Gas translation services Chinese to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Polish
    • Oil & Gas translation services Polish to English
    • Oil & Gas translation services English to Greek
    • Oil & Gas translation services Greek to English

    Our Oil & Gas translation service is available in all languages  and for national and international organisations as well as for individuals.

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