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    Language tuition

    • Over 25 years’ experience
    • Highly qualified, sector specific linguists
    • 100% human translations
    • All major languages covered
    • Unique memory database

    Translation Services

    English language

    Do you need help improving your English speaking skills?

    We provide tuition services to help you overcome any difficulties you have with the English language.

    Improving your English can significantly increase your chances of improving your employment prospects.

    Foreign language

    Do you need to learn a different language?

    Whether it is for personal growth or for business / employment needs, we can help you learn a new language in many different ways.

    We can also help you to understand the culture of the language you are learning, which is very important when it comes to business relations with other cultures.

    Location independent

    All of our training is available online or via Skype as well as in person.

    So we can help you learn your new language no matter where you are!

    Would you like to be able to go on holiday, and order food and drinks in the language of the country you are in?

    How about having a cultural knowledge of the country you are travelling to?

    As a business, are you travelling overseas to gain a new partner, or client for a business venture?

    Do you know how to hand over your business card to a potential partner from a different country?

    We can teach you to speak a foreign language, as well as give you an understanding of the cultural differences you need to be aware of.

    We can also teach you English if it is not your first language.

    Whatever level you are starting at, we have language courses, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

    Our “Cultural Awareness Business Course” helps you to understand the culture of the country you are visiting.

    It is a course that focuses on cultural understanding and reading body language, so you know how people are responding, even if you do not speak the language.

    Delivery of all our training is flexible and designed to meet your needs.

    You can save time and travel costs by using our Skype Language Tuition.

    For those who prefer learning in person, then Face to Face sessions can be arranged.

    Our tutors will teach you your chosen language in all its forms, speaking as well as reading and writing.

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    If you would like to learn more about any of our Language Courses or Business Training then please contact us.

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