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    Digital products

    Free digital

    We have free digital resources that can help you attract potential clients for your business.

    Or that can help you meet the needs of those approaching you for public services.

    Customised digital

    We can help you create branded resource that you can download and print and use in your business.

    From welcome signs in different languages for your business window, to leaflets helping people navigate your services and offerings who do not speak your language.

    Welcome Clients From 80 Language Groups:

    This is a free pdf we have created, which you can download and print and display in your business window.

    To access this free PDF, just sign up to our newsletter here and we will send that to you.

    Would you like to increase your sales?

    Would you consider introducing your services to people that speak different languages?

    Do you want to gain clients from different nationalities?

    If you have answered β€œYes!”, then I would like to ask you a few different questions:

    Have you looked at your business from the point of view of a foreign person?

    Let’s imagine you are someone from a different language and culture and you have come to your business premises.

    Take a look at the outside of your building. What do you see?.

    Can you only see posters and signs in your language?

    What about when you walk through the door, are the banners and leaflets also in only your language?

    This is SCARY for potential clients who do not understand your language.

    Your premises are not attractive to people from different nationalities!!!

    Your potential foreign client would NOT feel comfortable walking through your door, instead they would quickly walk away.

    Global Language Interpreting Ltd helps businesses overcome language barrier issues with our digital marketing products.

    For example you can make your business inviting to different nationalities, by displaying a simple Welcome sign in multiple languages.

    In fact we have a welcome sign in 80 languages, which we have designed, that you can download and display in your window.

    So sign up for our newsletter below and we will email that to you.

    Please check out our full range of signs that you can purchase, download and print, all of these can be customised to reflect your brand.

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    So if you would like us to help you gain new clients from different nationalities, please get in touch

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