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    Business Support

    Helping your business grow into new markets:

    The opportunity to gain new clients from language groups you struggle to communicate with is potentially huge.

    Often, to open up new markets, requires language support and marketing innovation, which we can help you with.

    Some of the business situations where we can help:

    • Cultural Awareness Business Tuition (click for details)
    • Website page translation
    • Client meetings
    • Conference calls
    • Business exhibitions
    • Creative marketing products
    • Documentation
    • Overseas trips
    • Culture and body language training
    • Business consultancy

    How we can help:

    Most of our services are available with just 24 hours notice and they are available 24/7.

    We can also help you with our consultancy business services where we help you reach clients locally that may not speak your language.

    Cultural Awareness/Business Tuition

    Do you need to travel abroad on business trips and don’t know anything about the country you are visiting? Then this course is designed for you.

    Learn about your business partners, customers or suppliers customs.

    Understand the body language being exhibited during meetings.

    Be aware of local issues in relationship to trade and services.

    • Basic details of the targeted region and/or country

    • Basic customary characteristics

    • Meeting a representative from the specific culture

    • Local currency, government awareness

    • Systems in place in the targeted region: health, education, law, customs language, politics, economy

    The tuition runs for between 1 to 6 hours, dependent on the depth of training needed. The price of the training is £50 p/h. 

    Get in touch:

    If you would like to know more about our business support services and how we can help you grow your client base, then please get in touch.

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