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    Interpreters courses 2021

    All of our courses are delivered professionally by Dragan Cvejic
    You can find his full instructor biography here: Dragan Cvejic

    Interpreter jobs we specialise in …

    Lithuanian | Latvian | Russian | Spanish | Chinese | Mandarin | Romanian

    Areas we cover …

    Cambridge | Leicester | Derby | Nottingham | Peterborough | London

    Beginners courses

    If you are new to interpreting, then these courses will cover the basics.

    Designed to help you get started with your career as an interpreter, this is the first step you need to take.

    Advanced courses

    These course are for advanced interpreting training.

    They will help you get advanced professional assignments.

    Click for details on current courses available

    Are you bilingual or multilingual and have lived in the UK over 3 years?

    Would you like to earn extra income from your language skills, on a full or part time basis?

    Are you unemployed or looking for a career change? We can help in getting you that dream job.

    Global Language can help you gain qualifications in Interpreting:

    In order to maximise your earning potential as an interpreter you will need to learn the appropriate interpreting techniques to use in various settings.

    You will also need to be familiar with the code of conduct and with the vocabulary commonly used in each sector.

    Professional training:

    Our Interpreter Courses are designed to give you the knowledge and practice necessary to work as a professional Interpreter as a full time job.

    Flexible training:

    Delivery of the training is flexible to suit your needs.  You can save time and travel costs by attending the course via Skype.

    For those who prefer learning in person then you are welcome to attend a group training session.

    Professional assessment:

    All of our students are assessed by experienced tutors and professional linguists.

    We have different courses, from beginner to advanced for the private and public sectors.

    Current courses:

    Introduction To Public Service Interpreting (IPSI)

    This course is suitable for candidates who are bilingual/multilingual with no interpreting/translating experiences and no PSI (Public Service Interpreter) qualifications, who would like to start new career as an Interpreter.

    Course date & time: TBC

    Modules in this course:

    • Introduction to Public Service Interpreting

    • History of interpreting

    • Interpreting techniques: Consecutive & Simultaneous

    • Professional translations techniques

    • Interpreter’s professionalism

    This one day introductory course is priced at £100.

    Certificate of attendance will also be provided.

    Public Service Interpreting (PSI)Level 3

    This course is suitable for people who are bilingual, have no experience interpreting, but want to utilise their language skills and gain the first entry Certificate for the Interpreting profession.

    Course dates: February 3rd, February 4th, February 5th, February 6th 2020 from 10am – 5pm

    February 7th (Assessment) from 10am – TBC

    Course details:

    • This is a 5 session intense course running within 1 week

    • This includes professional assessment

    This course is priced at £1200.00.

    This is a fully certified course.

    Diploma In Public Service Interpreting (DPSI)

    This course is for interpreters that want to work in the Legal or Health sector and want to be registered with the National Register of Interpreters

    Course details:

    • Recognised accredited First Degree level course

    • Academic one year course

    • Exam held at the Institute of Linguistics

    • Course entails 120 to 150 hours of study

    The price of the course ranges from £700 to £900 dependent on options selected.

    This is a degree level course.

    Video And Telephone Interpreting (VATI)

    This course is for interpreters that want to learn video and telephone interpreting so that they can offer these types of services to their clients.

    Course details:

    • This is a 2 session course

    • It is an online learning course and is delivered through Skype

    This course is priced at £198

    Need some training but do not see what you need?

    Then please get in touch as we can often create custom training to specifically suit your needs.

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