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    Certified Interpretation Services

    Do you need a Certified interpretation of your document to support an Immigration, Visa, Passport or Professional Application within the UK, or at an Embassy?

    With Global Language Interpreting Ltd, you’ll have qualified professional interpreterss at your service, with fast turnaround, attractive prices and excellent customer service.

    Our Certified interpretations are accepted by the HM Passport Office, the General Medical Council (GMC), UK Universities and all other Official UK Organisations. We also provide Notarised and Legalised (Apostille) interpretations accepted at UK based embassies. We accept documents in PDF, JPG, PNG, and Word.

    • All our linguists hold Disclosure & Barring Service checks (DBS).
    • UK wide service (we can support you wherever you are in the UK).
    • Hold DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) in Law.

    We interprete over 300 Languages from and into English.


    • Fast and reliable service from Peterborough, Cambridge, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, London  to all UK cities.

    • Free re-interpretation if you are not 100% satisfied.

    • We work hard to provide some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

    • 100 % Human interpretation.

    • Documents are fully interpreted and Certified for official use in the UK and abroad.

    •  Friendly Customer Service


    What is a Certified interpretation?

    I have been asked to provide a Certified interpretation of my Marriage Certificate.  Is this something that you can do and what is the process to get it started?

    A Certified interpretation may be required for a number of reasons, for example when Interpreting Legal Documents such as Birth or Marriage Certificates to present to the UK Home office or when interpreting Transcripts and Certificates for an Educational institution.

    A Certified interpretation with Global Language Interpreting Ltd is one that has been carried out to the highest possible standard and is then Signed, Stamped and Certified as a True and accurate interpretation of the original document. This is directly related to the UK Government guidelines which can be found here.

    Do you need to see the physical original document for a Certified interpretation?

    Do you require the Original Documents in a physical format and how can I send them to you?

    For most Certified interpretation to be presented in the UK, we can work from a clear scan or photograph of the document without the need to have the actual hard copy. If the document/s received by us are eligible or not a good enough quality scan, our team will let you know and request a better copy.

    Online Service

    Can I bring my documents to your office in person?

    We are an Online only Service meaning that we cannot accept “walk in” clients.  The reason we do this is to keep our service and production costs as low as possible so that we can provide higher cost savings to our customers. Add to this that it is much more time efficient to simply send over an email with your documents as we aim to reply to all quotes online within a few minutes.


    We offer Comprehensive Certified interpretation Service, covering all types of documents:


    • Divorce / Marriage Certificates

    • Death / Birth Certificates

    • Driving License / Passport / ID card

    • Academic Certificate / Transcripts

    • All types of Contracts / Reports

    • Police Records / Medical Records

    • Bank Statements – Business Proposals / Letters

    • All other official documents

    We offer a variety of language combinations including:

    • Certified interpretation Services Spanish to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Spanish
    • Certified interpretation Services English to German
    • Certified interpretation Services German to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to French
    • Certified interpretation Services French to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Italian
    • Certified interpretation Services Italian to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Russian
    • Certified interpretation Services Russian to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Arabic
    • Certified interpretation Services Arabic to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Chinese
    • Certified interpretation Services Chinese to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Polish
    • Certified interpretation Services Polish to English
    • Certified interpretation Services English to Greek
    • Certified interpretation Services Greek to English

    If you require further Certification such as a Notarisation or Legalisation from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for use overseas for example, we can also offer this service, just ask our Sales team for more info. Such Legalisation may be required if you are presenting your documents to a Foreign embassy or in a different country.

    Our linguists are Certified Professional interpreterss with a minimum of 5 years Professional interpretation Experience ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your documents remain intact so you can trust us to get it right the first time.

    Our Certified Document interpretations are Signed and Stamped and come  with a Certification letter – Affidavit, stating the accuracy of the interpretation and provides our company’s credentials and signature. In addition, the Affidavit and accompanying letter will be sent via email and a hard copy to your address.

    Our Certified Document interpretation Service is available in all languages and for national and international organisations as well as for individuals.

    To request a Quote, simply scan or photograph your documents, email them over to us here: or give us a call on: 01733 688089.


    To get your free and Fast interpretation Quote now, please send us your document through this page and we will send you a free and no obligation quote faster than you might think.

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