Would You Like To Earn £15 Per Hour? Can You Speak Two Languages?

If you can speak two languages you have a hot skill right now! Let me tell you a quick story…

One day I came to pick up my son from his friend’s Birthday party.  His friend’s father approached me, who’s actually Bilingual – Portuguese born. He can speak Portuguese and Spanish. He works as a Portuguese Language Teacher, and wanted to utilise his language skills for even more opportunities in the future.

He heard that I run a Linguistics Company and asked me if there was any possibility of him becoming a Public Service Interpreter and Translator to earn some extra money and which skills he would need?

So here is what I told him…

You have to be Bilingual or Multilingual

Must be a Mother Tongue holder

Must live in the UK for 3 years+

Must have an Advanced level in English: speaking, writing, reading

Then What?

We can help you to achieve your dream!