5 Ways To Earn Money With Global Language:

The 5 ways you can earn money with Global Language:

There are five different ways you can earn money with Global and they are:

1) Interpreting :

- Translating verbally from your own language to English or vice versa via face to face meetings, phone or conference meetings.

2) Translating:

- Writing or reading translations from your own language in to English or vice versa.

3) Teaching:

- Teaching your own language at basic, intermediate, advanced or business level, dependent on your skills and qualifications. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESOL)

4) Guiding:

- Culture Awareness and Body Language Course for UK or foreign businesses - learn how to teach these skills and earn from them.

5) Referrals:

- Refer Global Language and you will receive £25 for every new contracted client.


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