Did You Know You Can Earn More Money Just By Speaking Another Language?

Did you know that 38% of people in the UK can actually speak two languages while 18% of people in the UK can speak more than two foreign languages on top of their mother tongue – and here at Global Language Interpreting we can help those people that speak more than one language earn more money, with our Public Service Interpreting Course, also known as a PSI Course.

During a four teaching days and one assessment day, we can help you utilize your language skills and at the end of the course you’ll be a fully qualified and certified Public Service Interpreter, allowing you to charge for the language skills you have.

This is a Level 3 Community Interpreting course and is recognised UK wide by all agencies and industry sectors, allowing you to work through a translation or interpretation agency or Linguistics company like ours.

At the end of the Public Service Interpreting Course you will be presented with your Public Service Interpreting Course Certificate (once you pass Assessment) to prove you are a Certified and Qualified as a Public Service Interpreter, and we will also give you a list of Translating and Interpreting Agencies throughout the UK who you can contact to work for as a Freelance Self Employed Public Service Interpreter. You may even find a company that are looking to employ someone full time if that is what you are looking for position: In-house Interpreter/Translator?

When we present you with your Certificate in Public Service Interpreting Level 3 - It can help you work in healthcare with hospitals, clinics and GP practices or it can open doors into the local government within housing, social work, education, legal and immigration.

What will you use your Certificate in Public Service Interpreting for?